David Assia


David Assia (known famously in Israel as ‘Mr High-Tech’) is Executive Chairman of iAngels.
He advises managers on profitable growth and oversees the iAngels Investment Committee, which vets deals and manages governance of the company’s portfolio. David’s start-ups, Magic and Aladdin, are stalwarts and icons of the Israeli high-tech industry. He is a veteran Israeli high-tech pioneer who transformed Israel from paper-and-pencil to digital in the fields of intelligence, inventory, financial and travel management. David took “made-in-Israel” technologies abroad to fill market needs in Europe, Japan, China and North America, growing them from nascent start-ups addressing local market needs to publicly-traded corporations on a global scale. He is responsible for forging the link between Israeli inventiveness and Indian programming, outsourcing high-tech R&D to centers in Bangalore and Mumbai.

David’s company, NADYR Investments, masterminded the growth of leading Israeli technology companies like Babylon, Walla, eToro and Paradigm. David serves as Board member at FIBI, Weizmann Institute, RRSAT, Kardan Technologies, and the Israel Association of Electronics & Software.

He earned an MBA and a BA in Economics and Statistics from Tel Aviv University.


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