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A founder’s first consideration when seeking venture capital should be what type of investors not only benefit the growth of their company but are these individuals who can help me capitalize on my potential as a leader. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the unique challenges you face. This translates directly into our ability to assist our portfolio companies in foreseeing future obstacles and developing the means needed to meet these head on. We’re fluent in the language, and have the tools on hand, required to help a startup scale to become a global company and maximize its potential. Our ultimate goal is your success, and as approachable experienced investors, we’re here for you.


One of the most critically important, but time consuming and often frustrating, parts of starting a company. We pride ourselves on being able to act efficiently and quickly, thereby allowing you to streamline your fundraising process. If iAngels becomes an investor, you will only see one entity on the cap table though there will be numerous investors in your company, where many of them-commercially successful in their own right – will wish to help your startup grow.


With an investor network that spans six continents,60 countries, and over 20,000 individuals from various business and financial backgrounds, iAngels is well practiced in facilitating the business connections you need to build a global company. Time and time again we see interested LPs looking to assist startups enter new markets, secure joint ventures, and offer consulting advice. This network is available for all of our entrepreneurs.


The experience of our Partners lends itself to a high-level of professional behavior and success in working with portfolio companies; it is why so many of our portfolio companies are founded by entrepreneurs we’ve worked with in the past, and why so many of them are investing in our first institutional fund. We take relationships with our entrepreneurs seriously and invest in these relationships to maximize the success of the companies and partnership.

What we are
looking for



We look for technologically-driven companies with concrete advantages over competitors. IP is of prodigious importance to us, and we consult with sector-specific experts to validate the technology and know how of the companies we evaluate.


We tend to invest relatively early in the innovation curve-in companies which, if led and executed properly, can develop into a monopoly in their industry.


We look to invest in opportunities that reflect an adequate risk reward relative to the stage and traction of our portfolio companies. At the same time we insist on the deals to be simple and standard to lay the foundation for a strong and healthy corporate governance and ownership structure going forward.


We invest first and foremost in great teams. A substantial part of our focus is to evaluate the leadership capabilities of the team as well as how they complement each other.

Success factors we look to evaluate in our entrepreneurs:

• How does this entrepreneur clarify direction, strategy, value proposition, investment outcomes accountabilities, KPIs, and focus?

• How does this entrepreneur generate passion, engagement, enthusiasm, urgency, confidence, likability, and fun?

• How does this entrepreneur earn trust, credibility, build partnerships, and have it what it takes to go “all-in” for enterprise success?

• How does this entrepreneur build tools, systems, know where and how to utilize relevant talent to execute efficiently, safely, and accurately?

How it

Once we target a company that we are interested in, we first meet with the entrepreneurs and decide whether to begin our first phase of diligence, which includes everything from analyzing the startups’ TAM to its technology’s applicability to a comparative analysis. We leave no stone unturned. As the success of a startup can be directly attributable to how a management team deals with setbacks and commercialization issues, we work with an outside business psychologist to assess the mental and emotional fortitude of the entrepreneurs, through a leadership assessment.

If the company makes it through this first phase, it is brought to our Investment Committee to determine whether to continue to the next phase, which includes deeper dives on the tech and market potential, channel checks and customer calls, reference checks on the entrepreneurs, and comps analysis. If, at this point, the team still wants to pursue, it is brought back to the Investment Committee again where every General Partner must vote in favor before the trigger is pulled.
If the Investment Committee unanimously approves, initial ticket size ranges from $1-$2m. Our institutional fund has priority, and the remaining amount is then offered on co-investment platform to our investor base. Because we have underwriting capability, we can ensure a timely transfer of funds. Many of our entrepreneurs have friends and family who wish to invest smaller amounts in their company, we can facilitate this seamlessly.
At iAngels we form long-term partnerships with our companies and support them as they grow. As such, an investment from iAngels is not a “one-and-done” relationship. We keep an open dialogue with our startups, assist them with networking, marketing, fundraising and any other business needs that may come up along the way. We are builders, driven and audacious. Here to support, challenge and help build and scale great tech companies. We believe in going beyond, and we back those who do.

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What Our
Founders Say

What I’m looking for in a board member is someone who is nice as a person - and professionally, understands your needs and your world. Shelly is great on both counts. she is a pleasure to work with.
Asaf Kleinbort
CEO at Medorion
Most investors don’t run deep on vision and typically tend to be deal-flow oriented, viewing investing as transactional. Once in a while, you run across an investor who is not only sophisticated but also visionary. Steve Jobs famously said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” iAngels is one of the few investors I have met that is skilled at connecting dots with forward-looking view. iAngels is my favorite investor and was the first to show me support, when many others slammed the door in my face.
Jeff Cavins
CEO of Outdoorsy
Mor is extraordinary. One of the best investors in Israel: sharp, smart, connected, full of energy.
Kobi Marenko
CEO of Arbe
They’re bold. Entrepreneurs are bold, too, and they want someone who gets that – partners that are really on your side. You want partners like that on your board, investors that trust the entrepreneur. And they are there at difficult moments.
Rachel Yarcony-Goldstein
CEO of Myair

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