Colabo Hunts Down Your Competitors’ Customers

How would you like to pitch your competitors’ leads and customers?

San Mateo, California-based Colabo is now offering that escalation in the marketing arms race.

This week, Colabo released competitive lead discovery capabilities for its data aggregation platform, offering what is describes as “predatory lead discovery.”

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Automated Sales Company Colabo raises $7 Million

Automated sales engagement platform developer has raised $7 Million in a Series A round of funding from Marker LLC, together with Kaedan Capital and existing investors including Paul Maritz, Raghu Raghuram, Ray Rothrock, The Hive and iAngels. The funds will be used to support its current growth, which currently stands at over 50% month to month.

Colabo’s automated sales engagement platform harnesses the power of infinite dynamic web sources instead of relying on phone and email to engage with potential customers. By doing so, Colabo says that it enables sales teams to increase response rates from leads by over 10 times when compared to phone and email based systems.


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