Podcast: Exit Nation: How Inneractive Media Sold for $86m

In this podcast, iAngels host Max Marine unpacks the details of how Ziv Elul and Offer Yehudai  built and sold their company to a publicly-traded Germany media company. https://soundcloud.com/gappingthebridge/exit-nation-how-inneractive-media-sold-for-86m

Podcast: Network Effects with James Currier

60% of the value created by tech companies since 1994 have “network effects” at their core. In this podcast, entrepreneur, angel investor, and co-founder of the NFX Guild James Currier joins iAngels’ host Max Marine to help define network effects and their implications for early-stage investors.

Podcast: Reflections on 50 Investments

In 30 months, iAngels has invested more than $25mm in 50 entrepreneurs alongside leading angels and VCs in both Israel and Silicon Valley. In this podcast, iAngels’ Founding Partners Shelly Hod Moyal and Mor Assia, and iAngels’ Partner and Portfolio Manager Darya Fuks join host Max Marine to discuss key takeaways regarding how to evaluate […]