A self-directed account for the sophisticated investor with access to all due
-diligence materials.

iAngels provides its investor community the ability to co-invest alongside our fund. In doing so, international accredited investors enjoy unfettered access to the robust tech ecosystem of Israel.

Sophisticated investors have the opportunity to access all due-diligence materials and speak with representatives of the firm to assist them in building their own portfolios. Every time iAngels invests in a new deal, investors will receive an email detailing our investment thesis and have a chance to partake on a first-come-first-serve basis.

With a minimum investment amount in each company at $10k, investors have the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio dictated by their own expertise.

iAngels Managed

A self-guided account for the sophisticated investor with access to all
due-diligence materials
How it works?
With a minimum commitment of $200,000, you can create a iAngels Managed Account. This a diversified
portfolio providing you with a guaranteed stake in every company we invest in or an automatic allocation
into companies that meet a certain criteria determined by you (for example a valuation range or specific
Why diversify?
Like public market investing, a best practice for professional angel and VC investors is to create a
portfolio of 20+ startup investments, diversifying within the asset class, and increasing expected
return without bearing additional risk.
Why now?
Over the past three years, the iAngels team has built an easy-to-use online platform and a world-class
team of analysts enabling individuals to emulate the success of top quartile Israeli investors, without
needing to live in Israel.


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