Defying the Odds: How Israel’s Economy Thrives Amidst Challenges

In a recent conversation with Daniel Gordis on ‘Israel From the Inside,’ iAngels Founding Partner Shelly Hod Moyal shares her perspectives on the resilience and future of Israel’s economy. Published on March 20, 2024, the discussion explores how, despite political and military tensions, the Israeli market remains strong.

A Strong Economy Against Odds
Shelly noted several reasons behind the Shekel and the market’s strength, including local investment firms gaining from international markets and a widespread belief among investors in Israel’s ability to manage its current challenges effectively.

Shelly Hod Moyal’s Personal and Professional Insights
Shelly shared her journey from military service in a prestigious intelligence unit to her path on Wall Street, all of which led her to founding iAngels. Her story illustrates her belief in the power of community and collaboration to solve economic and social issues. Shelly discussed her confidence in the economic prospects of Israel, what iAngels is seeing in the high-tech space today, and the actions iAngels has taken to foster a more inclusive society.

Future Outlook
Shelly shared the silver lining she is witnessing despite a difficult time, and how we as a society might be able to collaborate with nearby regions and communities to build an Israel that is safe for our children and grandchildren.

About iAngels:
iAngels is a women-led venture capital firm in Tel Aviv, Israel. Combining a deep, proprietary research process and a uniquely curated portfolio, iAngels is committed to helping build and scale great tech companies and has a proven ability to generate substantial returns. With $400m+ AUM and 26 profitable exits, iAngels is one of the most active and recognized investors in the Israeli tech ecosystem.


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