5 Tools That Will Personalize Our Ecommerce Experience

Despite the convenience of ecommerce, the industry is not exactly renowned for its excitement.

More or less, ecommerce generally serves as a means to an end: your customers need a product, they search for it online, and purchase it because its the least expensive or most viable option. If a competing site has better products, better presentation, or is more convenient and interactive, they will win the customer’s love again and again.

But ecommerce has the potential to be so much more. With today’s technology, we can infuse personality into the online shopping experience.


It’s no secret that the thrill that often comes with shopping is somewhat absent in the online variation.

Though it’s a great feeling to find products quickly and at the best value on the internet, there’s no way to examine quality, functionality, and attractiveness as you can in person. For many shopaholics, not only does it take away the fun, but it also removes an essential part of a shopper’s experience.

Webyclip brings personality and interaction back to online shopping by embedding engaging product videos at strategic points throughout the user journey. Webyclip’s algorithm is able to identify and capture the most useful and captivating videos for each product and show them to customers at optimum stages of interest.

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