Drippler Launches Chatbot To Provide 24/7 Mobile Tech Support

Drippler, the smart tech assistant app, has announced the launch of Drippler 3.0, which comes with a new tech support chatbot that helps users resolve technical issues on their smartphones.

Drippler’s new chat-based tech support service combines artificial intelligence with a “human-in-the-loop” system, supported by a community of experts who can answer consumer tech related questions on demand. In fact, Drippler’s “Tech Wizards” include thousands of experts, with a waitlist of more than 10,000.

“Drippler 3.0 answers a need in the market by providing an alternative to the outdated tech support call center model that many companies still employ,which wastes time and causes an unnecessary headache for consumers,” said Matan Talmi CEO of Drippler. “We designed Drippler to help people make better use of their smart and connected devices.”

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Mobile Technology Predictions For The App Economy In 2016

What will be the dominant trends of the mobile app industry in 2016?

Forbes spoke to Matan Talmi, Founder and CEO of iAngels’ portfolio company Drippler,  and other CEO’s to hear their thoughts.

Matan Talmi, CEO and co-founder of Drippler

Drippler’s discovery app inspires people to make the most of their tech and apps, by providing personalized tips and recommendations. Drippler has been featured by Google, Apple, Samsung, Verizon and AT&T, and was selected by Google as one of the Must-Have Apps of 2015.

What are your predictions for the mobile ecosystem in 2016?

  • Big data – more and more companies will start leveraging big data to provide better experiences.
  • Commerce – time and spend will drastically shift from desktop to mobile apps, opening up room for big and small players alike to massively grow on mobile.

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