Applitools and DbMaestro named to software development startups

What happens when you mix the country with the highest per capita engineers with ‘startup nation’? The land of R&D centers, it’s no wonder that Israel is a leader in making tools for software development and computer engineering.


DBmaestro is a newer entry in the field of DevOps. Founded in 2008, it focused on database development and deployment, providing database change management solutions. DBmaestro is a pioneer and a leading DevOps for database solution provider. They enable Agile development and continuous delivery for databases.

Last month, DBmaestro raised $3 million in Series A funding.


Some of the other prominent B2D and B2DevOps startups include Applitools, CloudEndure, Takipi, Xplenty, RadView, and White Source Software.

Israeli developers are frequently lecturers at development conferences worldwide. As the world’s R&D center, Israeli entrepreneurs are quick to identify the top trends and needs for software developers. The true B2D capital, Israel is the software development tool powerhouse.

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