This past week in Israel has been kind of crazy. When sirens are going off at midday or in the evening, we grab the kids and run down to the shelter. After a couple minutes, we can hear the big booms of the Iron Domb shooting down the missiles over our heads.

It is bizarre to think that this is the kind of reality our kids are growing into. When my son asks me why we are going down to the shelter, I try to explain to him the sirens are a warning sign for danger, and we have to go to a safe place until it is over. He is only three years old and knows about danger. It is a good time to reflect and think on what we really want our kids to learn, what Israel’s strength really is.

I say it is technology and innovation. Even at times like this, we see the good and think of new ways to overcome the situation. It makes me think of the Iron Domb, an amazing Israeli development, which is keeping us safe these days and has yet to fail us. The remarkable brain power of this country, paired with its inherent will to survive and thrive is constantly fueling innovation and fostering new technologies. This is what we do best.

Last week we were at the Demo Day of the 8200 Unit Entrepreneurship Program, prior to that was the Junction Incubator Demo Day. Every month there are new startups emerging. Just being part of this unique eco system where the sharing of ideas is bringing up new ones is inspiring. The successes of these programs go on to become Israel’s promising new startups. The community is pushing for disruptive technology and for game changing solutions for problems one never knew existed. We export these ideas to the world as our only commodity.

At iAngels, we see a lot of innovative companies, products which are going to change the world and make an impact. We have the luxury of cherry picking from a highly curated and vetted angel deal flow and offer these opportunities to our global investor community. No doubt it fuels me to get up in the morning and drive down to work in midtown Tel Aviv, in a building which has no shelter, and conduct business as usual. I urge you to get more involved in the Startup Nation’s main strength and start investing in Israel’s future, in the most promising startups, together.

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Mor Assia

Founding Partner, iAngels