iAngels Managed Account

A self-guided account for the sophisticated investor with access to all due-diligence materials

How it works
With a minimum commitment of $200,000, you can create a iAngels Managed Account. This a diversified portfolio providing you with a guaranteed stake in every company we invest in or an automatic allocation into companies that meet a certain criteria determined by you (for example a valuation range or specific sectors).

Why diversify?
Like public market investing, a best practice for professional angel and VC investors is to create a portfolio of 20+ startup investments, diversifying within the asset class, and increasing expected return without bearing additional risk.

Why now?
Over the past three years, the iAngels team has built an easy-to-use online platform and a world-class team of analysts enabling individuals to emulate the success of top quartile Israeli investors, without needing to live in Israel.

As iAngels makes new investments, portfolio investors automatically participate without the need for additional paperwork or wire transfers

With a commitment of $200,000 or more, investors build a diversified portfolio of Israel’s most promising startups

iAngels layers rigorous due diligence on top of a co-investment thesis, only investing in thoroughly vetted start-ups under the same terms as Israel’s top-performing angels and VCs.

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