Israelis are among the smartest in the entire world.

I recently wrote about UpWest Labs, a venture fund in the Silicon Valley that scouts out the best entrepreneurs in Israel, invests in them, and brings them to the Valley. They are smart investors. They spend hundreds of hours researching the teams and entrepreneurs they ultimately invest in. They have a track record of success, so it seems all their time is worth it.

But what if you are an investor, or want to be an investor, and do not have the time to conduct all of the due diligence required to feel good about your investment? Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a trusted company who did all of the homework for you?

Most investors I talked to responded with, “It would.”

This is the exact problem iAngels solves. The founders, Shelly Hod Moyal and Mor Assia, screen over 100 companies a month. They conduct all of the due diligence required of a prudent investor. They look at things like meeting with the founders, proof of concept, assessing scalability, checking up on references, examining their budget, analyzing the market and competition, evaluating the investment terms of the deal, and more. Of these 100 companies, iAngels will select two for the platform. Yes, 2%, so they are only bringing on the most promising companies to present to the investors that use their platform. The founders are well-equipped to run this venture, as they have a deep understanding of the Israeli market. They grew up in Israel, served in the military, and built relationships with Israel’s top performing angels and entrepreneurs. This all builds trust. Trust is the most important thing when it comes to investment, relationships, and growth.

They see their company as a disruption to traditional investing. Their platform provides investors the opportunity to sign up in less than 60 seconds. They do not have to conduct the dozens or hundreds of hours of diligence and research required in the traditional investing world. And it gets even better. They have access to hand-selected companies from the convenience of their home. They do not have to get on an airplane and travel across the world. They just open their computer. This democratization opens borders so investment is no longer limited to local transactions. iAngels is creating opportunities across cities and continents around the globe. They have investors from Israel, China, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. This is truly bridging the gap between eager investors and high tech Israeli entrepreneurs. iAngels recognizes that Israeli companies are building products and services that are solving global solutions. Just as the issues are not limited to local solutions, investment should not be limited to local investors.

As you can imagine, iAngels embraces technology to bring a human element to tech investing. In addition to taking a data-driven analysis to their diligence, they understand the importance of relationships. For that reason, they have set up monthly webinars where their entrepreneurs share the story of their company, their background, vision, and answer questions at the end of their presentations. This virtual relationship building is also key to fostering trust between global investors and the teams.

I’d say IAngels did their due diligence. The result was a company that solves problems for the local entrepreneur, as well as a global investor.

That’s good business.

This article originally appeared on Forbes

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