I scheduled a personal meeting with Itai Herman, Askem CEO, as Chairman of iAngels in order to evaluate the opportunity for the platform. 

Askem is a Q&A application allowing users to generate multiple choice questions to the community and gather responses in a quick, efficient, quantitative way in order to make real life decision. This is a fantastic tool for publishers or retailers as well obviously, rather than conducting traditional, costly and long processes of focus groups.

We conducted the meeting from my residence and out of common courtesy, we started off by walking over to the kitchen and making ourselves an espresso, all the while entertaining in small talk.

Itai started talking about Askem and his vision of how Q&A can replace polling for brand managers as they make business decisions around product launches and marketing events. I am always excited to see someone who dares to challenge the status quo and think big. The key ingredient to any successful startup is a strong team, and Itai has definitely left that impression on me, gathering around him people who understand product and branding. It is not a coincidence that he has managed to get some excellent investors on board with him to support his venture such as Tal Barnoach, Joey Low and Microsoft Ventures. To me it was just a reinforcement that Askem is going places. 

As we were going to conclude, Itai shared with me a question he sent on Askem not even an hour earlier. “How do you like your coffee?” with 3 possible answers. He already received over 100 responses from the Askem network, aggregating the answers in a simple, quantitative way, making me smile all over again as I drink my coffee in the morning since. 


I was impressed with Itai and I am happy to join Askem on iAngels.

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David Assia
Chairman of iAngels