All Entrepreneurs FAQs

Application Process

How does iAngels choose its startups?

See our Entrepreneurs page.

Can I apply my startup if I live outside of Israel?

Currently, iAngels is focused on startups that are either based in Israel or are founded by Israeli entrepreneurs that are backed by Israel’s industry insiders.

What types of investments does iAngels make (i.e. seed, series A, series B, etc)?

At iAngels we invest in early stage startups – from Seed to growth rounds. We do not invest in concepts or ideas. iAngels is the right platform for you once your company has achieved some initial traction like a successful pilot, customers, revenue etc.

What information should be included in my startup’s application?

The following information should be included in your application:

  • Lead investor in the current round and the commitment made
  • Round size and pre-money valuation
  • Executive summary or deck
  • Previous investors

When ready, click here to apply for fundraising.

What qualifies as a "lead angel"?

A lead angel is a top Israeli angel that serves as an early stage investor in a full time capacity, has a track record of successful exits and a track record of adding value to startup companies by advising and mentoring them to success. A lead angel needs to invest at least $100k of his/her private funds.

What information will I need to provide iAngels for the due diligence process?

You will need to provide basic information such as:

  • An executive summary
  • KPIs
  • Company presentation
  • Cap table
  • Company financials and projections
  • A sample of your latest update to investors
  • Market information and analysis
  • Go-to market strategy

What is iAngels due diligence process?

Upon receiving a company referral, we meet with the entrepreneurs and get to know them and their company. Following this, our in-house investments team conducts extensive research on multiple aspects of the company, which is then submitted to a five-member investment committee.

How do entrepreneurs negotiate terms with iAngels?

iAngels always invests under the same terms as the angel investors we partner with. We have certain additional requirements, including information rights and preemption rights.

Fundraising Considerations

Why should I use iAngels to fund my startup?

See our why us page.

Do you take a fee from the startup?


In what currency does iAngels raise money?

US Dollars.

Do you provide introductions to other investors?

Until a company has passed our due diligence process, we don’t provide up-front introductions. Once a company passes due diligence, we can lead investment rounds, bringing additional investors in.

What is iAngels’ level of involvement as an investor?

At iAngels, we strive to add as much value to our portfolio companies as we can.  Whether through mentorship, counseling, making introductions to investors and potential customers and partners, or using our global investor network to help you succeed.

Do you take a board seat?

Depending on what stage in a company’s growth iAngels invests at, and what stake we take, we will often take membership or observer status on a company’s board. On occasions when we opt not to take a board seat, we ensure that the angel or VC we invest with has board membership, thereby ensuring that our interests will be protected as well.

What is iAngels‘ individual investors’ level of involvement?

Our investor involvement varies.  While we have many investors who take a “hands off” approach, we also have investors who are happy to provide value to our startups through mentorship, industrial experience, or relevant introductions.

Will my Cap table be crowded with tens of individual investors?

No. All of the capital raised through iAngels is invested in your company under iAngels.

How long will it take to reach my target goal on iAngels?

While the timeframe varies on a deal to deal basis, it generally takes three to six weeks to reach your target goal.

Can I raise a follow up round through iAngels?

Yes. Many of our portfolio companies have already run successful bridge campaigns.

Do I run the campaign through your platform or does iAngels control the campaign?

The campaign is run entirely by iAngels, though we will require certain information from you in order to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.

Will iAngels help me set up the campaign?