Daniel Keret

Daniel Keret, PhD, is our consummate Israeli high-tech insider, advising iAngels on due diligence and what it takes for portfolio companies to scale successfully.
With over 40 years advising investors and corporate executives on new technologies that are leading edge, (not bleeding edge), he has helped acquire hi-tech innovations that deliver outstanding performances to large-volume users. Prior to founding his own highly successful consultancy company, Daniel served as the Amdocs Division President (DOX), growing the business from 200 to 2000 employees and was responsible for a billion-dollar technology business with marquee customers.

Daniel lectures at Haifa University, teaching hi-tech project management, data management, entrepreneurship and innovation leadership. He consults a who’s who of Israeli VCs, corporations and investors on business models to optimize wealth-creation, on unmet market needs and technologies that can be scaled with investment and deliver a superior user experience.

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