iAngels 2017 June Deal Digest

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With companies such as Houzz (raised $400M) and Cybereason (raised $100M), this was a great month for Israeli startups with 29 announced deals raising $910M in venture capital, alongside 4 acquisitions for a disclosed $80M.

This month we are also closing the first half of 2017, with $2.6B invested in Israeli startups.

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H1 2017 investment highlights

  • Since the beginning of 2017, Israeli startups raised around $2.6B, a slightly higher run rate than the $4.8B raised In 2016.
  • A total of $950M,  37% of the total venture capital invested in the first half of 2017, was allocated to growth rounds, reflecting the maturity of the Israeli tech companies.
  • June was an exceptional month with over $900M invested, of which $595M invested in growth rounds in companies such as Houzz ($400M), Cybereason ($100M), Gamida Cell ($40M) and Trax ($32M) – all invested in June.


Seed Rounds

  • Upstream Security, a cloud-based cyber shield for vehicle’s network, raised $2M round led by Glilot Capital Partners with the participation from Maniv Mobility.
  • GeoQuant, a developer of a platform for political risk management, raised $4M round led by Aleph VC and XL Innovate.
  • Brodmann17, a company developing advanced artificial visual intelligence, raised $1.6M round led by Lool Ventures with participation from Samsung NEXT and Sony Innovation Fund.


Series A Rounds

  • Mitoconix, a developer of a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases, raised $20M round led by Remiges Ventures with participation from OrbiMed, Dementia Discovery Fund and others.
  • Inpedio, a cyber solution focused on security for mobile devices, raised $5M round led by Clear Future and ATOORO with participation from IAI.
  • DayTwo, a provider of personalized nutrition insights, raised $12M round led by Jhonson & Jhonson and Marius Nacht (checkpoint founder) with participation from Seventure Partners.
  • TechSee, a developer of visual support technologies for the Smart Home, raised $7.5M round led by Planven Investments with participation from OurCrowd, innogy, and Comdata Group.
  • Codota, a code search engine that helps developers find great code examples, raised $2M round led by Khosla Ventures.
  • Cognata, a driving validation platform for the autonomous vehicles industry raised $5M round led by Emerge, Maniv Mobility and Airbus Ventures.
  • Tisbury Pharmaceuticals, a developer of therapeutics for glaucoma, raised $32M round led byOrbiMed Israel, Clarus, and HealthCap with participation from Pontifax
  • Minerva Labs, an endpoint security solution, raised $7.5M round led by Amplify Partners with participation from StageOne Ventures and Webb Investment Network.
  • Tulip Interfaces, an app platform for shop engineers, operators, and managers, raised $13M round led by NEA, with participation from Pitango Venture and other existing investors.
  • Armis, a developer of IOT security solution, raised $17M round led by Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital.
  • Workey,  job platform that matches candidates with relevant technology companies raised $8M round led by PICO Partners and Magma VC.
  • AudioBurst, an AI-based audio curation platform raised $6.7 round led by Japan’s Advanced Media Inc., with participation from Flint Capital, 2B-Angels and Mobileye investors consortium.

Series B Rounds

  • LogicBio,  a developer of cures for early-onset life-threatening diseases, raised $50M round led by Arix Biosciences with participation from Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners and other investors.
  • PayKey, a social payments platform, raised $6M led by MizMaa, a US and Chinese-backed venture capital fund.
  • Augury, developing IoT technology to help industrial companies maintain their machinery, raise $17M round led by Eclipse Ventures and Munich Re/HSB Ventures.
  • WhiteSource, a solution for securing and managing the use of open source components, raised $10M round led by 83North, with participation from Microsoft Ventures and Greylock Partners.
  • eTribez, a casting management solution for the entertainment industry, raised $3.5M round led by CE Ventures with participation from Inimiti.
  • Eloxx, a company developing drugs for genetic diseases, raised $24M round led by Catalyst CEL Fund and Pontifax.
  • Art Medical, a company developing range of products in the medical space, raised $20M round led by Advanced Medical Technologies LLC.

Growth/Miscellaneous Rounds

  • HighCon, a company disrupting the folding carton sector with a digital solution, raised $20M round led by JVP with participation from Landa Ventures, LR Group, OurCrowd and Go Capital.
  • Riskified, a company specializing in e-commerce fraud prevention, raised $25M round led by Qumra Capital with participation from The Phoenix Holdings Ltd.
  • Trax, a developer of image recognition services to in-store execution controls, raised $40M round from undisclosed investors.
  • Cybereason, a cyber company offering endpoint detection and response solution, raised $100M round led by SoftBank Group Corp.
  • Gamida Cell,  a leader in therapies for the treatment of cancer and orphan genetic diseases, raised $30M round led by Clal Biotech and Elbit Medical.
  • Houzz, a Home improvement platform, raised $400M round (at a $4B valuation) led by ICONIQ Capital with participation from GGV Capital and other investors.
  • PlaySight, a sports tech company specializing in game based learning, raised $11M round led by Verizon Ventures, golfer Greg Norman and David Chessler.


  • Veed.me, a video and animation marketplace was acquired by Fiverr, a global leading freelancer marketplace for an undisclosed sum. 
  • RelevanTech, a developer of Ads monetization platform, was acquired by Glispa, a mobile ad tech company for an undisclosed sum
  • Robomow, the makers of the robotic residential lawn mower, was acquired by A subsidiary of MTD Products, a developer of industrializes robotic lawn mowers, for a reported $45M.
  • Nextnine, a provider of industrial security management solutions, was acquired by Honeywell International, an American multinational conglomerate, for a reported $35M.


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