That awesome ATM for swapping leftover foreign currency goes after Chinese tourists

One of our favorite startups here at Tech in Asia is TravelersBox, which is an ATM-esque contraption at airports that helps you swap all that pesky leftover foreign currency into something useful, like Paypal or iTunes credit, or vouchers for GAP or Starbucks.

The TravelersBox machine is now going after China’s hordes of globe-trotting tourists, who numbered 120 million last year. The figure will be even bigger this year.

Holiday hotspots

In order to get this new audience, TravelersBox co-founder Tomer Zussman and his team have added in support for the mobile wallet created by Baidu, China’s top search engine. So people just feed their unwanted notes and coins into the machine and then they’re converted into Chinese yuan and zapped into their Baidu Wallet accounts…

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