WeissBeerger: Ushering A New Frontier In The Beverage Industry

In an interview with StartUs – Europe’s leading magazine for startups – Ori Fingerer, co-founder & VP Business Development at iAngels’ portfolio company WeissBeerger, shares his insights on the beverage industry & how the company’s analytics tool meet the needs of beverage manufacturers and customers:

Describe WeissBeerger in 50 words or less.

WeissBeerger is the leading Internet of Things & Big Data solution for breweries, soft drink manufacturers and bars. WeissBeerger’s unique mixture of hardware, software and data analysis is ushering in a new frontier in the beverage industry, defined by data-driven decision making and efficiency throughout the value chain.

How did you discover the need for your analytics tool? What problem are you solving?

We developed a unique solution to meet the needs of beverage manufacturers and their customers (bars, restaurants and other outlets). Beverage companies and outlets suffer from high inefficiencies and a total lack of information regarding consumption behavior and sales volume in the on-premise (the most vital part of their business, comprising approximately 400 billion US Dollars). The connected outlet is all about giving manufacturers REAL-TIME insight and understanding of the market in order to optimize pricing, improve operations, increase revenue and create a one-of-a-kind consumer experience…

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