Solomoto Platform Handles Webdesign, CRM, Ecommerce, More

Solomoto is a marketing technology provider that helps small companies grow by centralizing their digital business needs into an all-in-one platform that encompasses web design, ecommerce, CRM, social media marketing and ad campaigning.

The company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and launched in 2015. It first ventured into international markets — Brazil and Eastern Europe, specifically — and is now attempting to break into the U.S.

Solomoto’s goal is to recruit a few hundred U.S. small businesses to serve as “ambassadors” to help promote its services. In exchange, these companies get to use the platform free of charge for three months.

The term Solomoto is an amalgam of the words social, local, mobile and tools. The company chose the moniker because it reflects three characteristics that define today’s consumers. These consumers:

  • Rely on the influence of social network friends and followers when making purchase decisions;
  • Shop locally, as well as online;
  • Depend on their mobile devices to find business information, such as hours of operation and location.

From that sprang the term “SoLoMo” to describe these modern, digitally-savvy consumers. Solomoto just provides the tools to reach them.

Solomoto works with companies across many industries — healthcare, food and beverage, real estate and retail — more than 50 different verticals that range in size from single-person operations to companies with several dozen employees. To date, more than 100,000 businesses use the service worldwide.

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