Interview with Drippler VP Sales and Business Development, Jonathan Chizick

Q: Tell me what about Drippler convinced you they are one of the startups in Silicon Valley that will make it and be worth your time. Also, how does Drippler meet your personal sense of “purpose”?

A: Drippler has a great product and a clear sense of purpose itself. Our founders have a vision for helping ordinary people get the most out of mobile technology, which is changing faster than most people can keep up with.

That’s a mission I believe in and have gotten behind my entire career. The best part is everyone at Drippler also believes in the mission and is working hard to make it a reality. That makes for an enduring company.

Q: Who can benefit most from Drippler?

A: For the consumer, people like you and me, everyone with a smartphone or tablet can benefit, no matter your comfort-level with technology. I’m fairly tech savvy and I’m still amazed how many useful tips and recommendations I receive from Drippler.

For advertisers, it’s anyone looking for high value users for their mobile app. Drippler is a brand our users trust to spark discovery and provide recommendations on great apps for their mobile device.

We educate users about the app in a highly engaging way. So anyone who clicks on an ad is genuinely interested in that app. Given how we deliver our ads, it’s not surprising that our conversion rates for top performing apps regularly exceed 50% and can be as high as 75%.
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